Konferenz zu Smart Home Care am 27.03.2015 in Paris: http://carerplus.eu/content/conference-smart-homecare-0


This conference brings together experts and decision-makers, practitioners and policy-makers to talk about digital competence development in the field of care and social care. It will be a one day free and open event with online registration.

CARER+ final conference will bring together experts and researchers in the field, representatives of care workers and policy makers from all over Europe to picture how the use of ITC in homecare can contribute to improve well-being at home for care recipients and quality of services of caregivers. It will be a meeting place for exchanging views and experiences in various countries. Theory and practice meets to discuss the future of social services for people over 65 in a unique and beautiful place, the stronghold of French democracy.

The Conference is accompanied by a one day Validation workshop on 26th of March gathering stakeholders of the CARER+ initiative who will learn and discuss the results of the 3 years long CARER+ project.

|| Context

Digital use transforms our lifestyle, influences our way of thinking and our communication, work and learning. ICT opens up many possibilities, in particular for well-aging at home and requires new skills for household carers. Technology can provide useful tools to break down the social and digital barriers in Europe. Promoting access to ICTs can improve the quality of life and of social services, it can also be a powerful source of enrichment of relationships between carers and those who are being cared for, associating the human added value and the use of ICT.

|| Conference Background

The CARER + project aims to identify the skills needed in order to enable the elderly people to live at home, through the development of learning pathways and digital technology tools: on one hand this should bring an answer to elderly people's exclusion and should provide new tools to help them cope with loss of independence and on the other hand should allow the development of training for caregivers in the use of new technologies.

The CARER + project identified the digital competences needed in order to enable the elderly people to live with new and existing technologies at home. Based on the identified Competence Framework, it also developed learning pathways using digital technology tools training caregivers in the use of new technologies. These were tested in various environments in various countries with caregivers while social care policy-makers connected with practitioners to exchange their experiences in order to improve the existing social care systems and pathways for sake of improving quality of life of older people who are supported by home carers.

Through piloting and the proposed acquisition of digital skills in a professional environment, caregivers will be able to improve the quality of their  job condition. Indeed, they will be able to provide an extra support and a greater social dimension by facilitating the use of ICT within their employer’s home. At the same time, the new digital agility will participate in enhancing their employability and their own social inclusion while elderly people benefit from new possibilities of communication with their families and their environment.

This event is free for you if you register now via our online form.